An odd, large cargo box was delivered with the latest supply run to the station, along with the usual crates of rations, spare parts and magazines. Inside is a bulky, black arcade machine, completely unmarked except for a single word in deep red, blocky lettering on the marquee:


KILL SCREEN is a pamphlet adventure of electronic horror, compatible with the Mothership RPG. Escape the clutches of a sinister arcade machine, fighting or fleeing your way through strange hallucinations, digital nausea and the mind-broken crew of the space station.

In this module you will find:

  • Terrified, desperate stationers with compromised brains and a variety of unnerving behaviors.
  • Creeping nightmares and hallucinations.
  • Rules for playing a malevolent arcade game.
  • A table for generating more than 1000 different hallucinatory digital monstrosities.
  • A diagnostic menu for THESEUS, easily portable to Mothership’s Hacker’s Handbook supplement.
  • An audio sample of THESEUS’ brain-melting, electronic warbling.


Written by Paul W.

Art by Izzy B.

Layout by Max V.

This product is priced at $3.00


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