(OSR) (L&D) HYGROMANTEIA – Supplemental Rules for Medieval Authentic OSR games

This is a fanzine dedicated to OSR “medieval-authentic” roleplaying games, updated monthly. After downloading HYGROMANTEIA for the first time, just wait for the monthly update to the main PDF with new game materials.

What is medieval-authentic roleplaying? Settings and adventuring scenarios that use the tropes of real-life medieval times (social status, monotheism, and usually a low-magic, dark and gritty setting). A style of play that has a lot of action and violence, but favors stories that can be solved through roleplaying and investigation as well as combat.

For the February/2021 update, you’ll find:

  • Sources of inspiration for medieval-authentic games: non-fiction books, movies, and series
  • Multiclass options for Lion & Dragon
  • Pre-generated characters with backstories to use as NPCs or reserve PCs for emergencies
  • Knights Templar, Knights Hospitaller, and the Teutonic Order for Lion & Dragon (with stats for characters from the Knightfall TV show)

This title is offered as PWYW and will receive constant support and update, with new ideas and adventure seeds being added regularly – buyers will be notified when a new version becomes available, so if you believe this product to be worth of your support, please return to this page and contribute in the future.

Compatible with OSR games
Compatible with Lion & Dragon and Dark Albion

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