Paper Lanterns: Wild Moods

Perfect for days when the lights go out!

“Light turns the ordinary into the magical.”  –- Acclaimed photographer Trent Parke

Voice actors are amazing, but funny voices only go so far.  RPG books are full of amazing fantasy art, but there is so much of it.  How can art grab attention to get your players into the mood for tonight’s adventure setting?

Paper Lanterns are easy-to-make artwork displays that glow.  Powered by your cell phone camera light (or other LED light), they can dominate a dim room and be plainly visible in a normal room.  Like staring into a fire, looking at illuminated art can be especially immersive because it makes the rest of the world fade away.

Paper Lanterns can reveal their secret art in a dramatic moment, like flipping a switch.  You don’t even need to touch anything, just say the magic words: “OK Google, turn on the torch” or “Hey Siri, turn on the torch.”


  • Paper Lanterns are about the size of a sports drink bottle.

  • Light them up with your cell phone or other small LED light.

  • Art is dramatically revealed when the light is on.

  • Use the provided content, or customize to make them your own.

  • Very easily made from a single sheet of plain paper.

  • Optionally, allow them to fold flat, so you can keep several at hand.

Game Night Advantages

  • Help set the mood for creepy, wild, or wonder-filled adventures.

  • Focus player attention very strongly in a way that few other effects can match.

  • Reveal dramatic turns of events by making hidden art shine through on command.

  • Fold-flat design allows the DM to have several of these props ready to use based on the choices that players make.

Paper Lanterns Paper Lanterns Paper Lanterns 

Paper Lanterns Paper Lanterns

To make a paper lantern, follow the included instructions, or check out this visual guide:

Paper lantern instructions

Light creates the mood
“Turn on the torch” for stories
Creepy, wild, or fey

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