40×30 Battlemap – Mad Warden’s Prison

Mad Warden’s Prison

Icy waves crash against steep stone cliffs that are slick to the touch. The waters swirling around their base are shallow, barely covering jagged rocks—the perfect place for a prison no-one can escape. 

Burning torches flicker, fighting the strong, cold winds that whip around the jail’s walls, whistling through hanging iron cages filled with pecked-clean bones. It brings the stench of lamp oil, salt, and decaying seaweed.

The cells fit two inmates each, lined with soiled straw beneath hard wooden bunks. There is a mess hall and shared sleeping quarters for the guards, as well as a private room for the warden, a secret room, kitchen and larder. The prison also comes equipped with an isolation cell, a reception, and high-walled yard for exercise.

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