Danger Room Encounters: Crime Comes First (Super-Powered by M&M)

Danger Room Encounters are combat simulations that combine realistic illusions, hard-light holograms, and matter re-materialization to simulate virtually any environment that offers benefits to both GMs and players. A session in Danger Room Encounters allows heroes to practice their skills and powers without worrying about property damage or bystanders. Heroes can try alternate uses of their powers and experiment with how far they can push those abilities. Danger Room Encounters serves as an excellent, easy way to introduce new players to the game by helping them learn the rules one step at a time.

In this encounter, a group of criminals attempt to rob the Sentinel National Bank. These criminals are Chicken and Egg, along with their gang of farm-themed miscreants. This Danger Room encounter itself is a fairly characteristic take on the bank robbery with Chicken and Egg encapsulating the classic “over the top” theatricality of 1960s-style villains and criminals. To that end, both Chicken and Egg spout out egg puns along with other one-liners and the Game Master is encouraged to seek out some terrible jokes in order to help roleplay this.


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