Fishy Business

Fishy Business is a D&D fifth-edition compatible adventure designed for a party of four to six characters of levels 1 to 4. It features read-a-loud text for ease of use and maps designed for use on virtual tabletops, such as Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds.

Adventure Overview 

A friendly aarakocra fishing village rests on Windy Peak, a quaint mountain that is usually uneventful. The fishermen there provide food and trade for the village through the plentiful source of fish that they harvest from a lake not far away. Recently, however, the fish population has started to drastically decrease with no apparent cause.

The aarakocra elder of the village knows that if this issue continues, his people will starve. Thus, he is on the lookout for an adventuring party—or anyone, for that matter—who will investigate the cause of the declining fish population and put an end to it. He has sent word with Camellia, a traveling tea merchant who frequently rests in their fishing lodge, hoping she can find someone who will help them during her travels.

Unbeknownst to the village, a group of sahuagin that call themselves the Children of the Deep Father now resides somewhere deep within the depths of Windy Peak. They are a fanatical group who worship an aboleth that dwells below the mountain. Not only are they eating fish faster than they can repopulate, but they’re also using them as sacrifices to their aboleth deity.

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