The Story of the Golden Fleece

This version of the classic myth of the Golden Fleece by Scottish author Andrew Lang tells how the titular relic came to be hanging from a tree and guarded by a dragon in a faraway land; how prince Jason was despoiled of his throne by a conniving uncle; and how the hero gathered a band of companions that became known as the Argonauts and set out to retrieve the fleece.

In keeping with the sorts of elements that appear in Greek mythology, this story includes appearance by centaurs, harpies, ghosts, giants, fire-breathing oxen, dragon-born warriors, cloud nymphs, multiple witches, and more. It is essential reading for anyone fascinated by the myths and legends of ancient Greece (especially those who might only be familiar with the story from sources like films only loosely based on it).

Skirmisher Publishing’s 130th anniversary edition of “The Story of the Golden Fleece” includes the 10 original black-and-white illustrations by artist R.B. Birch that accompanied the 1891 publication of this classic tale. We have also enhanced it with more than a half-dozen curated images that illustrate episodes from the story, including full-color ones by artists Herbert James Draper, William Russell Flint, and Douris of Athens. 

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