Along the Triboar – Additional Adventures in Phandalin


Greetings, traveler! Pull up a seat by the fire. This module & adventure setting provides in-depth content supporting the beginning adventuring party that has completed the Lost Mines of Phandelver introductory missions. This dual adventure setting includes an exploratory mission module of the ruined Lomewood Castle, paired with the recolonization and expansion of Neverwinter’s grasp in the Fort Lomewood Setting.

You’ll find several maps for the interior & exterior of Lomewood Castle, in addition to the exterior and interior of Fort Lomewood. I’ve designed several NPCs, plot/adventure hooks, and even a few basic printable materials. In the case of the Clearing Castle Lomewood module, there are room by room accounts of possible enemies, twists, and treasures. Deal with the Redbrand remnants and their new hobgoblin mercenaries as you attempt to end the threat of Glass Staff and his gang once and for all.