Break Today (Unknown Armies 2E)

Upsize your soul one fast food burger at a time with the bizarre occult conspiracy known as Mak Attax. These mystically aligned restaurants serve up magical enlightenment along with their value meals. Either they’re complete losers or the most dangerous threat the world has ever faced.

Learn more about the Maks’ real nutritional value in this Unknown Armies second edition supplement. Inside, you’ll find detailed background information, GMCs, artifacts, rituals, new archetypes, four new magick schools (anagram gematria, plutophagy, herpemancy, and geomancy), rules for familiars, and scenario hooks). Also coupons for a free combo meal.

Break Today is out of print. This supplement requires Unknown Armies second edition to play.

Break Today: Contents

  • What You Think You Know
  • About Mak Attax
  • Personnel
  • Customers and Other Hassles
  • Special Offers for a Limited Time
  • Franchising

This product is priced at $14.95


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