Deck of Rumours – Call to Adventure

Deck of Rumours is Unlimited Realms’ first specialized project, designed to help Dungeon Masters and Storytellers quickly build a unique world filled with the stories you want to tell.

This deck covers the big events that would take place in a rural town. Help out with a disastrous wedding, sabotage the ritual sacrifice, defend the villagers from a horde of merciless bandits and many, many more!

The digital deck has 50 cards, filled with Noticeboard postings that are designed to help fill your world with tales. One may tell the story of haunted ruins, another may call for the head of an evil bandit. Each digital deck comes as HD PNGs, a Print-and-play PDF and as Tabletop simulator files.

The perfect gift for Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder and your favourite Tabletop Role-playing Game!

This product is priced at $14.00


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