Revealing the Church of the Cockatrice!

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This is the place colloquially known as the “chicken church” a large site of worship with a chicken-headed tower. What few know is that the cultists do not worship chickens at all. It is cockatrices that command their adoration. And quite a few of them inhabit the caves under the building. The cultists drop people they capture down the shaft in area B4 and watch as the stone-turning birds attack them!

This is going to be featured in our upcoming adventure Mystery in the Chicken Church!  This is a 40×39 squares Roll20-optimized church battlemap! Here’s a spread with one of the cockatrices in our module:

Here are also a few close-shots of the chicken church:

A section of the second floor, balcony level. With a piano and all:

The dungeon under the church has a cells-section for kidnapped individuals:

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