1000 Stories

We created this super simple RPG for the classroom. It was part of a larger project of retheming games as a learning activity. The goal was to make a game that players could simply start playing, without any explanation of rules. Of course, the Guide (running the game), would need to know a few rules in advance.

This playtest edition has rules for creating characters and resolving actions using just two six-sided dice. Printable character sheets have an Attempt track on them and a Difficulty/Action track is also provided. The tracks are a visual tool designed to make dice rolls intuitive for players new to RPGs.

No setting is given. Stories could take place in real world, historical settings as an exploration for a lesson. A Guide could make a Story in any setting imagined. Tips for creating and running a Story are included. Supplemental resources, such as expanded rules and story starters, will be available on the 1000 Stories website.

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