Cities and Dangers: Bastion

Welcome to Bastion, the City of Swords. Unlike the other Duchies, Bastion is the domain of the Foundry – Consortium of Smiths and Metallurgists, and the guild of mercenaries: the Free Companies.
The pdf describes the city, its districts, and the details of the ubiquitous Guild of Blacksmiths, Free Companies, warriors on the arena, and the criminal organizations of the city.
In the print-friendly appendix you’ll find new Edges and new Guild Achievements, including a brand new Guild Achievement category. Thieves are supposed to work in the shadows… But maybe your guild could go legit. Glory Achievements will allow you to transform your Guild into a guild of mercenaries or arena fighters. 
This is an add-on to our Clockpunk picaresque setting, Clock and Dagger. You’ll need the core book to fully use this booklet.

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