Sorcerer: Paths of Power

Long dismissed by the Awakened, sorcerers sit in the space between them and the mass of Sleepers ignorant of magick. Sorcerers have grown in prominence since the Reckoning turned the magical world on its head, and now they’re truly coming into their own. Their power is more than enough for them to make their lives better, and some of them are able to truly delve into esoteric secrets, without the threat of Paradox to keep them in line.

But Full of Power But Full of Power

This volume updates the rules for hedge magicians, psychics, the faithful, and infernalists from previous editions, bringing them in line with Mage: the Ascension 20th Anniversary Edition. It gathers Numina from across game lines into a single place for the first time, along side numerous Fellowships which have been updated for the time time that has passed

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