Take the Edge fanzine, issue 1.5 AKA 1.5

Published by Coming Through RPGs. Made by the devoted and (in)famous Over the Edge RPG fan Krisse Tuominen who is also, eg. indie RPG designer, writer, artist & publisher. 

The issue contains 80 pages, new places, new faces, and whole lotta info!
This is Pay What You Want publication so You can get it free, or literally, pay what you want for it.

Contains some adult themes, oddball humor, hglbtiQ+ themes, and tries to be as inclusive as it’s possible for a magazine, which is dedicated to a game of counter-culture conspiracies and very surreal danger. On Al Amarja in Over the Edge, 3rd edition, it doesn’t matter what you and your characters do or is, but what they make out of it all 😉 

Welcome back to the Island of Al Amarja. Thank you for your consent.

Hopefully, your trip was comfortable and your stay will be

long and prosperous.

Take the Edge #1.5 Take the Edge #1.5, the Over the Edge RPG 3rd edition fanzine

Come on in, take the Edge, don’t be afraid.

This product is priced at $4.20


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