Goalsystem Delves

Goalsystem Delves: Adventure Skirmish Role-Play offers a unique mix of tabletop miniature and role-play game dynamics. Players create a band of 4 to 6 heroes and undertake perilous quests run by a Game Master (GM). Using the adventures provided in this book, and the rules for making brand new ones, the GM can craft epic campaigns that take player characters from 1st level to 10th level. Gather the old gaming group and get ready to hit the dungeon!

Variety: Six classes, detailed rules for magic and equipment, and twelve player character races let you get right into the action.  

Fast Play: A campaign system that is heavy on character and light on bookkeeping make Goalsystem Delves a breeze to run and a hoot to play.

It’s Your Game: Rules for building your own classes, races, and creatures let you use Delves’ own world of Illyria or adapt the rules to your favourite setting.    

2 Ways to Play: Play Delves as a traditional RPG or as a competitive miniatures game against an opponent. Delves is playable with either 28mm figures, 15mm figures, or as a map and counter RPG.

Dive Right In: Two pre-made adventures let you get to adventuring right away with little prep work.

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