Necropolis Dungeon (various sizes)

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This is part two of our Necropolis map set. You can get part one here.

Our idea for this dungeon was an ancient people carving out the tombs for their lords and queens below the hot desert. But part way through excavating the third level of the necropolis though they stumbled upon the hive of some unknown desert monsters and quickly the tomb had to be sealed up from the second level onwards, before all the workers were snatched and overrun. Not wanting pesky adventures from unleashing the monsters in future, the entrance to the lower levels was hidden below the grand tomb.

We’ve included a few PNGs of traps and also of the tomb slid open in case you want to use them.

We imagine you’d be fighting skeletons, ghosts or mummies on the upper levels and insectiod monsters below.

Perhaps if there’s interest we could dive further into the insect hive in a future third part and see how it connects up to the underdark and perhaps a malign Elder Brain controlling the insects and slaves. Who knows!

We decided to give all the floors to all tiers and have added some variations of the hive level for those who want to discover different monsters or scenarios down there in the deep.

Oh and the floor sizes are:

Antechamber: [26×40]
Grand Tomb: [26×30]
Abandoned Tomb: [32×56]
Hive: [32×56]

Get the map files below:

Necropolis Dungeon – $1 Rewards

Necropolis Dungeon – $3 Rewards

Necropolis Dungeon – $5 Rewards

Floor Lineup:

Variations for this map:


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