Oath of the Cycle (Control life, death and rebirth with this D&D 5E paladin subclass)

The Cycle of life, death and rebirth is yours to control with the homebrew D&D 5E paladin subclass the Oath of The Cycle.

Oath of the Cycle

The Oath of the Cycle is a difficult path for a paladin. Unlike many other oaths, the Cycle recognizes that life and death are inexorably linked. These paladins commit themselves to maintaining that life, death and rebirth rhythm at all costs. Members of this oath often find themselves either becoming deeply invested in living in the moment and maximizing experiences or drifting into a state of disconnected aloofness as they recognize the repetition of existence. They frequently find themselves identifying with druids, rangers and individuals that align with nature. Occasionally known as Preservers, paladins of the Oath of the Cycle tend towards lawful neutral or true neutral alignments. 

Tenets of the Cycle

The tenets of the Oath of the Cycle are often tattooed in a circle on the forearm of a paladin as a reminder of their unending duties.

  • Life Life invites death and is meaningless without end. Sustain life and abhor undeath.
  • Death Death is a natural part of life. Accept it when necessary but control it when possible.
  • Rebirth The Cycle must continue. Life and death are symbiotic phases of existence to be defended.

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