40×30 Battlemap – Astral Void’s Ruins

Astral Void’s Ruins

The wailing cries of spirits echo throughout the crumbling ruins of this mansion. Eerie blue light seeps up from gashes in the floor, revealing a spirit river flowing with ghosts and tortured souls. It is a magical realm, a void between worlds, and its edges lap against the stone exterior of the abandoned manor. 

Within, robed statues wait with their heads bowed in piety, while those of angels hold their hands up in hope. A rusting planetarium waits in one ethereal room, while rotting barrels take up another. 

Planks of timber and scattered stone litter the chipped marble and timber floors. Blue embers flicker and dance as if they have a life of their own outside, floating just above the rushing currents. 

Be careful where you tread…

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