Denarius the Minter

Welcome to Denarius the Minter and Other Minor Cults.

This RuneQuest supplements brings you 6 new cults, including 2 new Skills, 1 new Spirit Magic spell, 6 new Runespells and 1 new Shamanic Ability, with a further 1 new Spirit Magic spell and 13 new Runespells that are not related to these cults.

  • Denarius the Minter: Lunar craftsman dedicated to the minting of silver coins.
  • Bisjoe Boggle-Eater: A long-lost cult of Pavis
  • Lawbringer: A band of law bringers, selling their services for hire
  • Morrobahn the Source: A Spirit Cult of a magically powerful being
  • Nethys: A Sorcery cult for dragon-lovers
  • Rogue Semi-Integrated Sub-Unit #4: A Chaos Mostali spirit
  • New Magic: New spells for your delight, as the 1,000+ spells in the RuneQuest rules, Red Book of Magic and Book of Doom is not enough.

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