Mystery in the Chicken Church – New 5e Adventure

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In Mystery in the Chicken Church, a group of level 4 adventurers takes on a mission investigating the recent disappearances and murders in the forest, near Moe’s Winery. Things have gotten worse as time passes and some people believe that the strange chicken-shaped church in the woods has something to do with it. Unknown to all is the fact that an evil cockatrice-worshipping cult calls it its lair. The charismatic cult’s leader plans to take over a small town soon.

It is up to a team of valiant warriors to stop the cultists from achieving their ill goals.

This adventure happens in two fantasy locations, the first of which is a small winery:

Then, the adventurers must investigate the strange chicken-shaped church:

BTW, there’s a cool axonometric projection of the chicken building!

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