T2000 v2 The Pacific Northwest

Internal strife wracks North America’s last breadbasket.  Soviet troops occupy Vancouver Island.  Fascist New America holds power in Idaho.  Disillusioned soldiers and long-frustrated separatists carve out their own pocket kingdoms.  Cut off from the central military government strongholds, Seattle’s Western Redoubt is on its own, critically low on fuel, ammo, parts – and hope.

The Pacific Northwest is a campaign setting sandbox for use with Twilight: 2000, GDW’s role-playing game of survival in a devastated world.  It details the geography and status of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and British Columbia, previously touched on only briefly in sourcebooks and adventures.  The tools it gives referees and players to craft stories in this region include:

  • The region’s history from the prewar years through May 2001;
  • Detailed information on the agendas, leaders, capabilities, and territories of the region’s four major factions: the Milgov-aligned 47th Infantry Division, the Cascadian secessionist movement, New America’s Idaho cell, and the Soviet 62nd Motor Rifle Division;
  • Several minor factions suitable as local color, adversaries, or allies;
  • A look at the inner workings of Operation Egret, Milgov’s fragile logistics network connecting its Great Plains and Mountain West holdings;
  • Advice on running a campaign in the Pacific Northwest;
  • New career options and personal equipment for civilian and military characters; and
  • 22 new land, sea, and air vehicles appropriate for use in the Pacific Northwest and other Twilight: 2000 campaign settings.

The Pacific Northwest aligns with the events of the timeline published in the first edition of Twilight: 2000.  It is fully compatible with the version 2.0 and 2.2 rules sets.

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