The Master of Pages

Welcome to Candlekeep, home of the world’s largest collecton of books–and a very serious problem. A section of the library is transforming… but into what? Heroes are needed to venture forth into a new magical reality to save the library and the people trapped within!

This one-shot adventure is designed for level 5 characters. Enter different genres of stories come to life! Battle through Adventure, dance through Romance, and shudder through Horror before facing the ultimate challenge against the Master of Pages! With guidance to expand the adventure into multiple sessions, this unique adventure is bound to be memorable for all. The Master of Pages serves as an excellent addition to Wizards of the Coast’s Candlekeep Mysteries book, or easily adapts to any setting-neutral library!

And, yes, you do get to fight Dracula. It’s really dope, honestly.

an interior page from Master of Pages detailing the adventure's introduction. an interior page of Master of Pages detailing a confrontation with Dracula.

This adventure was originally created during the DMs Guild Design Dash show! It was really fun to be on, and it led to a great adventure. Check out the show on the official D&D twitch channel every month!

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