A Traveler’s Guide to the Hamato Islands

Introducing the all new Traveler’s Guide to the Hamato Islands!  This comprehensive guide introduces the history, culture and lore of this Japan-themed adventure setting both as a supplement for modules and as a standalone reference for homebrew campaigns.  This guide is for both Dungeon Masters and players and includes:

  • Character class conversions for the Hamato Islands, and new class archetypes, such as the Rogue saboteur.
  • Character race conversions, including Hamato Island Dragonborn and Half-Oni.
  • A detailed explanation of the magic system, unique magic items, and mundane weapons such as the Samurai Battle Armor.
  • A sample bestiary introduces Hamato Island dragons, and yokai such as tanuki, tengu and more.
  • Coverage of the Islands, history, system of government, religions, deities and other important cultural features.

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