Cthulhu Maps – Masks of Nyarlathotep – ch4 – Kenya Pack

Hello, lovecraft universe worshippers, thank you for choosing Lovemaps. 

You will find in this pack a large content of Maps for the Masks of Nyarlathotep campaign (Chapter4 – Kenya). You can print them out to play at a table or use them on a Virtual Tabletop. Maps are JPEGs files, and a User Manual (PDF) is here to guide you.

Here is the list of maps in this Pack :

Main :

1 – Ahja Singh Warehouse
2 – Train : Mombasa to Nairobi
3a – Nairobi Star Press Office
3b – Nairobi Star Press Office (night)
4a – Tandoor Singh Teashop
4b – Tandoor Singh Teashop (night)
5 – Johnstone Kenyatta House
6 – Boyovu Village
7a – Black Wind Moutain (without ceremony)
7b – Black Wind Moutain (with ceremony)
8a – Nyarlathotep Temple (without ceremony)
8b – Nyarlathotep Temple (with ceremony)

Secondary :

9 – Hotel Hampton Ground Floor
9b – Hotel Hampton 1rst Floor
9c – Hotel Hampton Ground Floor (night)
9d – Hotel Hampton 1rst Floor (night)
10a – Hotel Norfolk
10b – Hotel Norfolk (night)
11a – Jungle village
11b – Jungle Village (night)
12a – Nairobi Police Office
12b – Nairobi Police Office (night)

We wish you a lot of fun and tentacles…

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