City Maps 05

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It has something inn-shaped for the front and a tavern for trading rumors, plus a stairway to the lower den.

Meanwhile, the southern part of the map has a huddle of small crowded buildings. Rumor has it that a few merchants make their home here, as well as most of their spoils…

In the underground version of the map you can see part of the arteries of the city: a tepid river they use to move wares, an underground dock, and even a smaller version of the tavern for the dock workers, plus some damp accommodations.

For the extra map for this set we’ve got a little brothel map too. You never know who you need to blackmail either, so the map has got its own peepholes and a small stage area. 

Variants come in night and creepy!

And that’s all for this set! Stick around for the final set!


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