Cloudtop Landing (28×42)

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This release includes an intriguing One-shot adventure by One Page Mage, a fantastic tune by Ela Morana, 3 magnificent items by Loot Tavern and up to 24 map variants of the [28×42]-grid battlemap by me! 

The map in itself is playing a lot on vertical movement while still being just one layer, this has sort of become my thing lately. It creates a few areas where you’ll have to do some theatre-of-the-mind to get where you’d want as the path is behind buildings or walls. I’ve gotten comments both ways on this in social medias, so please tell me if certain areas are very troublesome and I’ll try to adapt accordingly for future maps.

In the download folders you’ll also find a couple of assets. Mainly door-assets for the various theme colors, but also a couple of ritual circles, griffon-nests and some magic bridges for stuff like this:

This is mainly to have some fun flexibility with tiles in Foundry or other VTT’s. I’ve made sure to include a couple of variants with doors and / or magical bridges in place for those of you not wanting to modify the maps with assets, a total of 24 variants all in all.


There’s been a couple of times where I’d wish I had an adventure available for the map I release… Well this time I do! One Page Mage is creating One-Page One-Shot adventures for 5e TTRPG. Easy to prep at the last minute, and easy to adapt to your existing campaign! 

Find the “Devils in Cloudtop” adventure as part of this collaboration, and make sure to show your support to One Page Mage if you like the content!

I was so lucky to get Ela Morana back with a new fantastic piece for us this month, the tailored made tune “City in the Clouds” goes hand in hand with everything else in this collaboration! The music is available for all patrons in the download-folder.

Ela Morana composes pieces to accompany adventures, and has included a lovely work of art for us.  Music is a magic of its own, and this beautiful work certainly feels like a brand of arcana! Whether you add it to your VTT experience, or play it at the table, you’re sure to give  new depth to the session. Enjoy the included song, and if you need more audio for your game-time playlists, Ela’s catalog is a wonderful option to check out – become a patron to access up to ten minutes of music for each of her releases, plus variations, looping versions, and all sorts of other things!

The fantastic Loot Tavern has provided spot on items for this adventure, Wings of Prey (They do what you think they do, plus more!), it’s a fantastic reward after some struggle up in the clouds! Available for all patrons in your respective download-folders.

Loot Tavern is creating Awesome Homebrew magic items to spice up your campaigns! Make sure to give his Patreon a visit if you’d like to juice up your campaign with fantastic-looking items!

Tier Rewards:

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(City Below variant have had some improvements of the actual “City Below” which is not represented in the preview, feel free to check it out in your download folder instead.)

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