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Below you’ll first find the download post for each reward tier which is the quickest way to access my content, as well the master posts for Printable PDF’s and Foundry Ready VTT-modules for the higher tiers.

Under that I’ll add a list of links to all of my map releases together with the map size, as well as other releases, community collaborations and so on. This way you can go directly to the release post to check out the flavor text or other info on the posts directly. 

All maps above the legacy line will (soon) have an Eberron-inspired flavor text.

Tier 1 Rewards post 

Tier 2 Rewards post 

Tier 3 Rewards post 

Foundry VTT-ready Master Post 

Printable PDF’s Master Post 


— Legacy maps below this line —

* Need slight upgrade on one or more of the following: Quality, size, naming, folder structure or other…



Community Collaborations


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