Homebase & HQ Map Pack Vol. 1


Hello everyone,

Please enjoy the following maps and suggestions. These are just some free HQ’s so go ahead and dive on in. The maps works for any D&D setting such as Eberron or the Forgotten Realms.

The Desert Camp & Town HQ

This camp can be used if your party needs to make a permenant outpost in a desert or it is great for a villian traveling through a desert. The building in the desert town works for the exact same reason but is better for parties in cities as opposed to the wild. For Parties of 4.

Forest Cottage & Basements

The forest cottage is a nice hideaway that you can place either at the edge or deep with in a forest. The beds are together and the space is small and functional. Once basement is basic and includes the beds and storage. The other comes with bothy beds and storage and a potential quest hook as it is made out of what was once a monastery. For Parties of 5.

The Tavern HQ

This Tavern option is great for parties looking to have both a business and a home-base. It is also great for finding information and locating quest links. As this a larger building it comes with rooms for each adventerur. The mages room is biggest to include a magic circle. For Parties of 4.

Mansion HQ

This mansion is for either adventuers in a cold area, during winter, or during a storm. It is also very well out fitted and comes with everything a party needs to survive. For Parties of 5.

Monastery Outpost

This HQ is the most developed and comes with it own community of monks. Feel free to pick whatever faith they may belong to. Plenty of storage, a market stall, a large chapel, library, and more. A dream for any cleric or paladin.

Tower HQ

The Tower is modular and can have up to 8 floors including the basement with has a jail cell if needed. Each floor of the tower has a themed room and bedroom including a steampunk lab, mages chamber, and clerics hall. The tower is meant to be well defended and lies in the middle of a body of water. Your choice which one.

Enjoy the free pack!

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