The Voyage of the Drift Cutter

The Voyage of the Drift Cutter


Diabolist Dice presents its flagship adventure book, The Voyage of the Drift Cutter

Send your party on a journey across the sea. This 47-page adventure book is fully illustrated, and professionally designed, and contains everything you need as a DM to manage a series of nautical adventures for your party.

Climb aboard the trading ship, the Drift Cutter, as it makes a dangerous journey across the ocean. Experience alluring sirens, treacherous pirates, undead sailors, desert island scavengers, and the deadly Hullbreaker Kraken!


This Voyage of the Drift Cutter includes:

  • 6 classic sea adventures, designed for a low or mid-level party
  • 2 ship stat blocks
  • 4 original monster stat blocks
  • 14 NPC stat blocks
  • 4 new magic items
  • A series of detailed maps, including a sample setting, a haunted island, a dockland battle, a hidden treasure map, and the map of all 4 decks of the Drift Cutter itself
  • All original artwork and illustrations


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This product is priced at $12.00


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