100 Cyberpunk NPC vol2

100 CYBERPUNK NPC vol.2 contains 100 characters that you can meet in Night City or in any Cyberpunk atmosphere.

Sometimes you have to create a character “on the fly”. Whether it’s an NPC that your players are about to meet or a random grunt, this book will help you create scenarios, all you need is a spark of lightning to stimulate your imagination.

100 CYBERPUNK NPC vol.2 is a generic companion volume to roleplaying games with a sci-fi / cyberpunk background Each entry includes:

  • a name
  • a role/occupation
  • one or two specialties
  • a character trait or a quirk
  • one or two pieces of equipment 

Example of result :

11. ARCH KOBAYASHI (M, 50) – Detective (Combat Sense, Braindance). Lives with his cybernetic mouse for a very long time. Cybernetic Mouse (camera/audio, sparks ray)

31. KIKA JENNINGS (F, 51) – Highrider (Astrogation). Likes hard FM outdated music. Electric Guitar



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