Bexim’s Bazaar Gaming Magazine Issue 27

Bexim’s Bazaar is a monthly gaming magazine dedicated to RPGs and wargames… and occasionally a boardgame of interest to RPG/wargamers. GMs and players will find plenty of resources such as magic item cards, random tables, mini-adventures, and articles related to gaming as well as printable props to hand out in game. This issue contains over 80 pages of gaming content for a variety of genres and games, and gamers are welcome to submit their own content for future issues (info on submitting is found inside each issue). 

Here are the contents for Bexim’s Bazaar Issue #27:

* Bexim’s Bazaar Pages

Growder’s Tent – each month, 4 new magic item cards

Treana’s Trinkets – d20 random list of trinkets each month

The Dented Helm – each month, 4 new adventure hooks

Hewbue’s Used Books – each month, 10-15 new book titles and authors

Racker’s Auction House – 6 new auction items with lore each month

Veach’s Spellbooks – each month, 2 new spellbooks with descriptions/cost

Dolbin’s Scrolls – 3 new magic scrolls to print and provide to players each month

Plovin’s Rare Documents – each month, a new eldritchd document prop to print for players

Wanted Poster – each month, a new Wanted Dead or Alive poster with an NPC

Deed – new printable prop each month related to owning property

Bexim’s Bulletin Board 1 – printable prop

Bexim’s Bulletin Board 2 – printable prop

* The Skirmish Table Pages

Hazel’s Weapons Emporium – Seller of the best (unofficial) weapons and accessories for Gaslands

Relicblade Scenario – The Beast

Frostgrave Scenario – The Flooded Cemetery

Frank’s Orbital Garage – Monthly Ship File

Drowned Earth Scenario – Phase 3

CORE SPACE – New Trader Card

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