CypherPunk Orange

This book, or we can say theses modest pages, are just a creation and aggregation of different sources and inspirations from the web, books or movies.

It didn’t intend to be more than just a compilation of CyberPunk elements modified to work with the Cypher System, personal ideas and copying (with permission) other good ones.

The idea was to create an adaptation for the Cypher rules in a cyberpunk environment.

Here you’ll find a Cypher System way to create characters for a cyberpunk world of yours.

If you want full adaptation/setting/locations/history of a complete cyberpunk environment you should go and look at Carbon 2185. A real nice job.

Feel free or don’t play, Punk !


As the city rebuilds itself after the explosion of the Main City Tower, you and the millions of others living souls are struggling to end the day.

But will you just sit and watch the city burn, will you hide and pray or will you make your way.

And for what cause?

Power, Control, Brain Dance, one Last Fix, Chaos, a NetRun, Credits, Crowd Worship, Your Community, Your Family or just your pleasure? The choice is yours and the means are at your discretion…

It’s up to you to become the new augmented Al Kap0n3, the King of the asphalt protecting his territory or his compatriots, the one who can open all doors, the new idol of all her generation, the terror of the Gangers, a cry torn in the night…

For that you will have to survive this city without mercy, without remorse nor conscience but not without soul that is Cypher City…

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