Five Course Dungeon

Just as the heroes feel that they can finally take a rest and kick back in the small town of Supton, the town is assaulted by foes wielding strange weapons indeed: shields made of bread and swords made of cheese. If they are not so inclined on their own, then the town mayor will hire them to seek out the cause of this disturbance.

Their quest will take them on a journey of ever increasing strangeness as they progress through a series of encounters and events, each corresponding to the next course of a fancy dinner.

This is a wacky/fun adventure designed for a group of first tier adventurers in a fantasy setting. However, the adventure could easily be adapted for any other weird or high magic setting, and the difficulty of the encounters could be scaled for a more experienced party.

Includes 4 pregenerated characters and design notes on how this adventure was adapted from the typical 5 room dungeon format.

Enjoy and Bon Appetit!

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