Nightmare in the Moonlight

When a psychiatrist finds a note written by an illiterate man, he hopes to do something about it, but he can’t bring himself to investigate the address listed in the missive.  His only hope is a friend who might be brave enough to see what terrible thing lies in the house.  But in the bustling metropolis of Providence, Rhode Island, what true terror could there possibly be when the street is only a few yards away?

Nightmare in the Moonlight is the adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft and J. Chapman Miske’s The Thing in the Moonlight.  Based primarily upon a dream Lovecraft wrote of in one of his letters, Miske’s framing story and the original nightmare are detailed within

Nightmare in the Moonlight was originally written as a campaign scenario but can also be used for convention play.  The Call of Cthulhu scenario is set in November, 1927, just after Thanksgiving of that year.  Now someone’s life may depend upon a note written by a man who cannot read or write and a group of people who are looking into the occurrence.  Can they solve the strange case in time?

Nightmare in the Moonlight  includes:

– A 22-page fully-illustrated scenario set in Providence, Rhode Island, in November of 1927, including notes on H.P. Lovecraft’s last known residence.

– A 24-page Modest Gazetteer of Providence, including the city’s history, neighborhoods, locations of interest, scenario locations, and towns nearby.  Additionally, mythos stories  and Call of Cthulhu scenarios set in the city are discussed, and a timeline of Lovecraft’s habitations are included.  Finally, Joseph Curwen and Charles Dexter Ward are both discussed with a timeline of those men as well.

 – Ten fleshed-out Non-Player Characters as well as stats for the Thing in the Moonlight.

– Information on the Thing in the Moonlight.

– Maps of Providence, Rhode Island.

– A map of College Street and the house thereon, as well as maps of the place Howard Phillips finds himself and the vehicle there.

– Three handouts.

– NPC and investigator portraits to share with the players.

– Six Pregenerated investigators.

This product is priced at $8.99


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