OPEN POST: March – Wildwood Sanctum – Tales of Sword & Wonder

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In March we have prepared a mystic collection inspired by old Celtic tales. The mighty knights, natural heroes, and a lot of cavalries. Everything you ever wondered can be found in the Wildwood Sanctum!

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In the release, you will now find two types of pre-supports – the regular and the user-friendly version. The latter is a new technique that takes up a bit more material but will have a higher chance of printing correctly, even if not all your printing settings are perfectly calibrated.

The heart of the beast meets the heart of the forest in the secluded Wildwood Sanctum. Only the most noble warriors sworn to protect nature and the magic that lies within can enter. This is a collection of truly mystical characters for every tabletop adventure including a lot of cavalry units, might heroes, and connections to nature.

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