Story Games

Story Games

Story games are for people who love improvisation and freeform roleplay. We go on imaginary adventures in a lighthearted atmosphere with other friendly and creative people. It is a combination of roleplaying, improv, brainstorming, and collaborative storytelling.

Together we improvise stories from scratch, with no preparation. We create our characters, decide what adventure we want to go on, and then take turns GMing scenes for each other, making things up as we go along, trying to tell a fun story and resolve it in an awesome and satisfying climax.

This document contains a set of rules explaining how the game works, and some helpful prompts. To play the story games offline you need a print out of this doc, at least two 20-sided dice, pencils, and 3-5 people who enjoy improvisation, storytelling, and roleplay.

To play it online Рcome join our Discord server:

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