40×30 Battlemap – Dreary Hollow’s Bone Pit

Dreary Hollow’s Bone Pit

The stench of ammonia and rotting fish overpowers this muddy pit. Flies buzz loudly while small creatures writhe around in the muck, some of them consuming the hovering bugs with long, sticky tongues. 

A large skeleton has been partially revealed by a constant, drizzling rain. It lays in the center of the pit, in mud so thick it would suck humans down to their thighs. Many unsuspecting locals have perished in their attempt to reach it, falling prey to bigger creatures that swim beneath the surface of the muck. 

The trees and ferns around this area have all died; their leaves dry and brittle, crumbling at a touch. Only small, grey flowers survive. They catch flies in their sticky center, attracting them with a foul smell, before closing their petals around them and filling with a digestive fluid. 

Few come to this terrible place, and even fewer leave.

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