After the War: Law and Disorder

A Skilled Polvan Lawyer, before a case.

A Martian Crime Boss

Law and Disorder is the first expansion book for After the War exploring legal and criminal aspects of the setting. In this book, we explore the tumultuous first years on Polvo after Songfall. We provide a robust system for creating your own settlement charters including the forms of government, community values, and how the laws are enforced.

This product also provides a series of useful tools for a gamemaster including a quick criminal scheme generator, and an optional system for resolving dramatic trial scenes during play. We round things off by establishing the new “Outlaw” profession category for player characters so that you can play bandits, tech-hawkers, vice-dealers, muscle, or even musicians!

And of course, what use would these rules be without a handy den of scum and villainy! That’s why we provide you with the vast “Mount Urashtu Complex” including a space-elevator and a colossal shanty city at the mountain’s foot.

This product is priced at $7.50


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