Announcement/Advertising: MARCH release – The Skeleton Legion – Warploque Miniatures

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This MASSIVE set gives you the tools to create a whole legion of Skeletons for your table top, and are fully compatible with the Skeletons you folks got in January 2021 for even further customization!

Welcome Pack
In addition to the monthly releases, we also have a Welcome Pack included for free to all subscribers of the relevant levels.

4 x Basic Tents
2 x Wooden Fences
1 x Campfire
1 x Spitroast Pig
1 x Multi-Part Goblin
1 x Goblin with Spear
1 x Goblin with Bow
1 x Goblin with Sword and Shield
1 x Goblin Wolf Rider
1 x Dwarf Warrior
1 x Linnaeus the Firbolg Druid

Who’s looking forwards to printing these guys off?
– Alex


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