March’s Schedule

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Welcome to everyone that’s joined us over the last few weeks, and also hello to everyone else! 

We’ve got some really great maps planned for the coming weeks, with previews of the MotM and variants really soon.  

In non-Patreon news, we’re also intending to get another couple of Waterdeep: Dragon Heist maps & resource packs sorted, as well as a new sci-fi/modern-ish modular kit.

Reward Delivery Reminder

We use DrivethruRPG to deliver our rewards.  On Rewards Day you’ll get sent a set of codes for the maps which have been uploaded to DrivethruRPG (the maps that your support has funded) .

Clicking these codes will add the maps to your DTRPG account for free. You are then free to download the maps whenever you choose – they’ll stay in your account at DTRPG forever. We just ask that you click the code and claim the maps within 2 months of receiving the code.

Now’s a good time to make sure you’ve claimed last month’s rewards 🙂

— Patreon Schedule —

2nd March- Third Map Ideas: We’re looking for your ideas! – See the post here

5th March- Rewards: March’s rewards bundles should be ready for download.  Everyone that had their payment processed by Patreon at the beginning of this month will receive their rewards DTRPG codes.  This will contain all the maps, whilst the adventure supplement and the one page GM resource are uploaded to Patreon.

7th March – MotM: We’ll preview your March Map of the Month. We’ll be handling the alt-version a little differently this  month – details to follow!

9th March-  Poll: 48hr poll opens for the Alt version of the Map of the Month. You decide what we make.

13th March – Sci-Fi: Reveal of April’s Sci-Fi map for our $8 tier patrons.

21st March- Alt-Map: We’ll preview the finished version of your April Alt-map.

25th March – Third Map: We’ll preview the Third Map 🙂

28th March – MegaDungeons: February’s MegaDungeon and Sci-Fi MegaMap levels are ready for a preview.

We’ve got some excellent maps planned for the month!

Thanks to everyone for your support!

Joe & Sarah

Heroic Maps


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