Meanders All-Purpose Map Pack – SAMMERKET SANDS I

SAMMERKET SANDS I is part of a special map super-series called ‘Meanders’ which can be tiled like modular dungeon tiles. Meanders use a system of multiple repeating exit/entrance points to ensure the pathways always line up with almost 1600 other Meanders in dozens of varieties (and counting) for continuous, interchangeable terrains that feels random, sprawling with meandering pathways for adventurers to explore. Meanders can join to any other Meander from above, below, left or right, vertically flipped – regardless of genre or series – including itself. Some special Meanders known as ‘Edgers’ provide grand entrances or exits from an area, while ‘Blenders’ provide a smooth transition between two different terrains.

This All-Purpose Map Set features 28 Desert Terrain-Themed JPEG Maps sized for Printing and VTT (Virtual Table Top) online or offline play.

  • For Printing it includes two 8100 x 5400 (27×18″) 300dpi Jpg – With a 1″ grid AND No grid.*

  • For VTT it includes 3780 x 2520 (140px) 72dpi Jpg (No Grid) for VTT’s with lots of memory.

  • Also for VTT, 1350 x 900 (50px) 72dpi Jpg (No Grid) for memory-hungry VTT’s.

Maps Included aim to cover the majority of desert-inspired storylines.

2 Terrain ‘Blenders’ to transition to Snow

3 Rocky Mesa

2 Shaded Gulches

1 Temple

1 Mud Adobe

2 Ruins

2 Giant Skeletal Carcass

1 Desert Shipwreck, Oasis and Mine

1 Salt Flat

1 Badlands with Poison Watering Hole

1 Cave Entrance

1 Castle Tower with Canyon Swingbridge

3 Canyon Passes and Overlooks

1 Dunes

1 Extreme Heat

Assorted Road Sections

* Printing Note: This product does not include PDF’s owing to the requirement for breaking a single map into 20 individual PDF’s – where an attempt to do so would result in 1140 individual files to download. It is recommended using a free program like PosteRazor to break the larger size maps into the optimal number of sheets for printing.

This product is priced at $14.95


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