A Galaxy Primer for Era Ten

If you buy this booklet, you want to know more about Era Ten, so you don’t look stupid. You might suspect your Ref is cheating you. You could even think it would be fun to Referee your friends in an adventure in deep space. Being a space marine is groovy. Being galactic delvers seems like a rollicking time set to space shanties. Eye roll, anyone?

This material is laid out in an ad hoc order. Era Ten is a millennium in the future and much has changed. I tried to keep the prose focused on having things to do. Nice to know who you can and cannot kill in role-play. Presented here are the important things. I make no guarantees.

What happens if you’ve been playing for a year and have a whole mythos established and BAM page nine-zero, third paragraph, subsection seven says don’t do that? Who’s right here? No one or you. These are your game session. You sometimes need to use your imagination.

If you feel it necessary to adapt everything you find in Era Ten as some form of Gospel, fug you. Even I don’t want to play with you. That’s all too much work and too much rule lawyering. If it’s work, you should be paid. You millennials ought to learn that lesson. Maybe I do as well. I won’t make a dollar royalty from even a hundred downloads. I won’t waste my time being happy and whistling sweet do-da.

Most of you will take what’s here and adapt it to what you already have. You’ll make your own sci-fi campaign or whole rpg. That’s what I truly want. Have some fun breaking things in the fourth millennium.

Written as a companion book for the games Battle Born, Era Ten and Salvage and Recovery, still any GM will easily adapt what’s here to your other favorite role-play game. Besides, you may find science fiction has more to offer than battling an evil empire and trying to sell a cargo of fruit.

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