Bare Bones Paper Craft: Dark Dungeon Pack 2

Bare Bones Paper Craft: Dark Dungeon Pack 2.

Made by the artist: Otherwise Known as Mister Bones; the Bare Bones Paper craft pieces are just as the name suggests. Simple Walls, Floor Tiles, and geometric shapes to print off, cut out, and glue together for a simple cheap game terrain.


Pack 2: Cubes Stairs and Wedges, provides a basic PDF with a Cube and wedge with matching textures to the Walls and Floor Tiles of Pack 1. This also includes a 2 inch high stair case with openings in the 3rd and 7th step to place minis and future accessories. 


Please Do Not resize these files as they have been scaled appropriately to U.S. Standard printer paper, so they may be printed and constructed for 28-32mm scale miniatures. 

65 lb cover weight (176 gsm) cardstock recommended for construction of this product. 

Dark Dungeon Pack 2: is available for the suggested price of $2.99, for Free, or an honor payment of your desired price.

This product is priced at $1.99


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