Gnimsh & Gnumsh’s Book of Marvelous Mixtures

When you are reading this, you will probably sit in a comfortable chair, this book in one hand and your favorite drink in the other. Eager to know all the secrets written down in The Book of Marvelous Mixtures.

This book has twelve chapters, each of them will give you inspiration for your roleplay sessions and real-world instructions on how to make some of the best cocktails.

The first chapter “Introduction” is mainly about the tools you need to create your first concoction. A bit of history and some practical advice will help you on the way.

Chapter two to seven will provide you with fifty cocktail recipes divided into different categories.

After the cocktails, we have chapter eight “Locations” which describes a number of places that you can use as inspiration for your world. These are pubs, inns, taverns, clubs, and gambling dens. The descriptions of these locations can be used in any gaming system as with most information in this book.

Breweries are also important, who else will make the fine drinks we know. Although a brewery itself can be very boring in the real world, in this world, they are very special with interesting encounters.
The breweries are described in chapter nine “Breweries”.

Chapter ten “Characters” can be used to spice up an encounter. Every location described in the previous chapter has one of these characters linked to them. But it is your own choice to use them as you see fit.

Drinking some of the beverages described comes with a price. Chapter eleven “Traits & States” can be used to give any roleplayer an extra challenge. It could be a special trait that makes them boast over their last acquired item or just simply getting into the ‘Drunk” state.

Quests are essential in an adventurer’s life. So why not make some interesting cocktail-related quests to quench that thirst in Chapter twelve “Quests”.

Have fun reading and have fun brewing your first marvelous mixture!

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