Republic of Callaern & Kingdom of Tarnen

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Callaern has been an independent state since it broke off from the Burbric Empire around 270AP, though it wasn’t always a republic. After gaining independence Callaern was ruled by the king. At first the people were happy with any new authority that wasn’t the Burbric Emperor. In 1081AP Berwynn the Awful came to power. As his moniker suggest, he went on to be the worst king in his dynasty. it wasn’t long before his council started comparing him to the Burbric Emperor. This view spread around his kingdom like wildfire and shortly after the king was overthrown by his council. An elected ruler was put in place and thus the republic of Callaern was formed. 

Throughout its history Callaern has established itself as a trade nation, with many traderoutes to all the main ports of Wordal. A few decades ago ships came sailing from the west, claiming to be from another continent. So far Caellarn is the only nation that has had contact with these people, slowly learning more about this new world. A handful of adventurer’s have set out to find this western continent, but none have returned so far.

In the burning desert of Aganaan lies the Kingdom of Tarnen. Tarnen is the only nation north of the Domart Mountains that has never been succesfully invaded by the Burbric Empire, in great part thanks to the desert.

While the Kingdom of Tarnen is by far the largest on Wordal, its land is mostly deserted with its main population having settled on the banks of the Delasis River and the Akamtis Delta. Its capital is the Magnificent City of Akamtis, home to the greatest scientists of the continent. The city is full of magnificent buildings, palaces, gardens and universities. People travel far an wide, looking for teachers and mentors.

Deep in the desert lies the City of Wonders: Agigi Ganegom. The majority of the city’s inhabitants are magic users, though only few of them care about using their power’s for greatness.  Most use their gift for spectacle and show, making the streets filled with flashing lights, and stunning perfomances. This affinity to magic is fueled by a direct connection to a crater, deep in the desert, a remnant of the death of a fallen god: The Gift of Parretoa.

Long ago the god Parretoa came falling from the heavens and crashed into the desert. The god died, his body shattered and his essence was confined in the crater he created.

It is believed that his fall was caused by his pride and greed. He was punished for his greed and forced to give away all he had. The gods send him down to the material plane as a gift to the world. This gift to the world was magic.

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