StarGuard: Cadets

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Captain Magnetism has been tasked to recruit new StarGuard Cadets to be trained and operate out of a new StarGuard Patrol Ship.

Trained by Sgt. Karn’age the recruits will undergo a rigorous training exercise and thorough background check… 

The Galaxy needs you! 

Do you have what it takes to become a StarGuard Operative?

Create a StarGuard Cadet to appear in the all-new StarGuard CORE World. A Campaign Setting for the CORE RPG. 

Your character will receive:

  • Art Card
  • Art Poster
  • Combat Tokens
  • and a Character Card of your character. 
  • You get to name the character 
  • You get to decide it’s powers
  • You get to decide it’s the background
  • You will gain credit as normal
  • you get to control it in future graphic novels

Available to all members regardless of Tier and all you have to do is fill in the character creation sheet: 

Follow these steps…

  • Log into GMD Online with the above link. 
  • Log in as a Patreon Member once at GMD Online
  • Then return and click on the above link again… 

This is a future project and will take 6-12 months to complete. 

If you need help feel free to contact me!


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