Red Larch 015: The Marid’s Cross

Red Larch 015: The Marid’s Cross is likely the last adventure tied to the Princes of the Apocalypse campaign published by Wizards of the Coast.  This adventure does not require the published book and can be used as a side trek for PCs in Waterdeep or another town with a collection of swamps nearby.  

This module has the PCs in Waterdeep and invited to a noble gala when it is disturbed by another adventuring party with a map that has a cult symbol upon it and fighting breaks out with wererats attacking trying to get the map.  The PCs are brought into a quest to the Selpir Swamps to find the hidden treasure left behind by one of the Elemental Evil prophets.  

This adventure is 17 pages in length and designed for 14th level PCs.  The adventure contains everything you need to run the module, including NPCs and monster statblocks in an easy to read and easy to print format.  

This product is priced at $2.00


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