Sand Desert Maps Pack


In this pack, you will find 2 maps and 1 battlemap.

The battlemap comes in two versions, day and night. It is a small fort lost in the desert, maybe defended or not, as you want, and with a hatch leading to the place you need in your adventure: a hideout, a cavern, a room, a full dungeon…
Next to the small fort, there is this ruin or monument, a giant hand partially covered of sand and with a magical glowing orb in its center. Surely a place to investigate for your players.

The first map is covering a large area divided into three zones. You can give a name to each one and write it in the legend, for example with the text tool of your VTT or using a software like Gimp. Between the ruins, the pyramid and the village, this map can suit a fantasy setting or a Cthulhu investigation.

The second map is a small village lost in the desert, just next to an oasis. It can be a place to rest, or a slave market in which your players will have to kill the mad lord and free the slaves, or a stage for your investigators looking for ancient and evil remains.

Enjoy 😉

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