Stylized: Dungeon Creator 01

Stylized Dungeon Tiles

Stylized Dungeon Creator makes dungeon mapping easy with intuitive drag and drop tiles. All assets are hand-drawn and can be used to stitch together limitless dungeons, crypts or stone buildings.


The set comes in 2 themes: Light and Dark, in addition 2 full maps have been provided for your convenience, showcasing some possible room shapes.

Note: All items have the correct sizes indicated in their name. For Example: Dias_2x2 must be sized to be 2 squares wide and 2 squares high.

For even greater variety, combine this set with Stylized: Tavern and Home Creator.

The provided ZIP file contains 131 images, including instructions, named and tagged to function with most VTT’s!

Dungeon Creator Instructions

Map example 1

This product is priced at $5.99


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